My legal name is Edward, but call me Eddie. I have always considered myself to be an unconventional lawyer. I’m not a fan of wearing ties, am terrible at golf (although I do enjoy it), love lifting weights and working with my hands, and prefer to stand and move rather than sit and wait.

Growing up, I never had aspirations of becoming an attorney. I applied to one law school, and told myself if I didn’t get in, I would continue playing drums for a living— at least for a little while. Looking back now, I’m glad I got in.

Over the course of my legal education and career, I gained a deep appreciation for the law’s complexity, structure, and nuance. Throughout the past decade and a half, though, I realized my career fulfillment is built on much more than that.

Although I have successfully honed my skill set for advocacy and litigation, some of the most rewarding aspects of my practice involve working closely together with my clients as part of a team, fostering innovative ideas and projects, and helping to build their businesses and brands while mitigating risk.

I am not a lawyer you only call when you’re in trouble; I am a partner who helps you to stay out of it. That’s precisely why you will always find me with my feet on the ground, and my eyes on the horizon.