Hard work, hustle, and determination in the face of adversity . . . that’s what I tell my kids’ sports teams are the keys to victory. When I’m not on the field coaching baseball, flag football, or whatever other sports that my two sons are into at the time, you will find me practicing law and relying on the same three keys to victory.

I find many similarities between coaching sports and practicing law. In order to be successful you must know your opponent, establish a sound game plan, make sure all team members have “bought in” to the plan and understand their jobs, and stand strong and unified when things get tough.

For me, the most satisfying aspect of litigating is working with the “team” (the client, the insurers, the experts, etc.) to quickly identify the goals to be accomplished, formulating the most effective and efficient plan to meet those goals, and then setting the plan into motion and achieving the desired results.

Putting the sports clichés aside, I am a husband to my beautiful and talented wife Kristi, and a father to my two precocious and energetic sons, Cooper and Luke. I am a Florida native, born and raised (and still residing in) Maitland, Florida, and am one of the biggest Florida State University fans that you will ever meet.

When I’m not working or coaching my kids’ teams, you will likely find me boating with the family or fishing or golfing with friends.