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Baird Law emphasizes grit, hustle, and results over ivory towers and stuffy three-piece suits.  But, while unrelenting effort and driven work ethic are cornerstones of our practice, we don't simply grind away with blinders on.  We remain mindful of the broader implications for each matter we take on for our clients, and always strive to balance attention to detail with big picture perspective. 

Practice Areas

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Construction Law

Baird Law has extensive experience in complex construction matters throughout Florida and the United States.  We repres...

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Outside General Counsel Services

Baird Law offers outside general counsel services for select clients, and acts as an extension of the executive team for...

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Professional Sports and Related Business Pursuits

Baird Law provides a full suite of custom tailored legal and business services for professional athletes, their agents a...

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Eddie Baird

My legal name is Edward, but call me Eddie. I have always considered myself to be an unconventional lawyer. I’m not a fan of wearing ties, am terrible at golf (although I do enjoy it), love lifting weights and prefer to stand and move rather than sit and wait.

Although I have successfully honed my skill set for advocacy and litigation, some of the most rewarding aspects of my practice involve working closely together with my clients as part of a team, fostering innovative ideas and projects, and helping to build their businesses and brands while mitigating risk.  I am not a lawyer you only call when you’re in trouble; I am a partner who helps you to stay out of it.  That’s precisely why you will always find me with my feet on the ground, and my eyes on the horizon.

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"Litigation against professional service firms demands representation that can offer exemplary defense services. Over the past decade, Eddie Baird has proven his commitment to our firm and successfully navigated us through complex legal cases with proven results."

— David Wantman, P.E. - President of Wantman Group, Inc.

"I worked with Eddie for my entire career at Tetra Tech. His common sense approach to any issue that came up was very refreshing and helpful in resolving very contentious and complicated issues. He was always very conscious of keeping costs to a minimum, but never backed down when we needed to take a tough stance. Eddie’s technical knowledge of any issue, either legal or from a project level was not to be surpassed."

— Ed Bernstein, Esq. – Former General Counsel of Tetra Tech, Inc.

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